pondelok 18. marca 2013

Here's portfolio of my chosen projects done over the years on AFAD.  The posts are not organized in any particularly chronological way.  There's quite a bit since I've just started this blog... and we gotta keep up, don't we

AFAD campus_semestral project

trigon complex_short-term semestral project

constructional project for bachelor degree_gallery building from Trigon project

urbanity 20 years later_semestral project

workshop_view platform/pedestrian bridge

bachelor degree studio project_program confrontations

construction studio assignment_house in slope

uPOD_semestral project

pedestrian bridge over river Donau_workshop

modular systems_workshop

Martin city icon_workshop with students from École nationale supérieure d'architecture de Nantes

creation of structure by multiplying the same component_design studio

revitalization of an old crane framework_short-term semestral project

exposition design for diploma projects_interior design studio

opposite house_semestral project